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Comparative Study on the Development of Composite Briquette as Alternative Fuel using Rice and Maize

Tasi’u Jamila, Abdulrashid A Farida and Abubakar I Zainab
2022-10-18 407 views 3 downloads


In this study, the development of briquettes from agricultural waste mainly rice and maize husk is presented. A 0.12 kg of each sample with a combination ratio of 1:1 was used in the buildup. The results obtained shows that, rice husk, maize husk and the combination of rice and maize husk have calorific value of 15.27 kJ/kg, 17.13 kJ/kg and 16.20 kJ/kg, moisture contents of 78.8 %, 86.8 % and 79.1 %, ash contents of 39.74 %, 18.07 % and 13.39 % and densities of 1084.3 kg/m3, 1011.5 kg/m3 and 1012.4 kg/m3 respectively. The research shows that briquette made from maize husk has the highest calorific value that can meet domestic use as an alternative fuel compared to briquttes from rice husk and the combination of rice and maize husk.


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