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Copyrights for Physics Access

Copyright is the term used to describe the rights related to the publication and distribution of original works. Most importantly from a publisher's perspective, copyright governs how authors, publishers and the general public can use, publish and distribute publications.

In order for Physics Access to publish a manuscript, we require publishing rights. This is governed by a publication agreement between the Corresponding Author and Physics Access. This agreement is accepted by the Corresponding Author at the time of manuscript submission and it deals with publisher’s and authors' rights and obligations concerning a particular manuscript. By accepting this agreement authors retain significant rights to use and share their publications.

Rights granted to Physics Access.

  1. To publish, reproduce, distribute, display, and store the article in all forms, formats, and media whether now known or hereafter developed (including but without limitation in print, digital or electronic form) throughout the world.
  2. To translate the article into other languages, create adaptations, summaries or extracts of the Article or other derivative works based on the contribution and exercise all of the rights set forth in (a) above in such translations, adaptations, summaries, extracts, and derivative works.
  3. To license others to do any or all of the above.
  4. To assign this license.


Permissions for Authors
  1. To post a copy of the accepted Article on his/her own website, an institutional repository or his/her funding body’s designated archive. An Author(s) who archives or self-archives accepted articles must provide a hyperlink from the Article to the Journal’s website.
  2. That the Author(s) and any academic institution where he/she works at the time may reproduce the Article for the purpose of course teaching.
  3. To reuse all or part of the Article in other works created by the Author(s) for noncommercial purposes provided the original publication in a Physics Access is acknowledged through a note or citation in a format acceptable to Physics Access.
Download Copyright form here.