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Investigating the influence of precursor temperature on the bandgap energy, structural, and morpholo

Emmanuel O Okechukwua, Imosobomeh L Ikhioya and Azubuike J Ekpunobi
2024-06-13 103 views 2 downloads


In this study, we use electrochemical deposition on FTO to grow BaTiS thin films. By varying the temperature of the precursors, we conducted thorough growth studies to understand how these process parameters affected the structure of BaTiS films. The diffraction peaks in the XRD pattern match the cubic barium sulfide structural phase. The observed peaks, 39.994 ° and 65.742 ° at 35 °C; 39.982 ° and 65.717 ° at 45 °C, and 39.995 °, 63.920 °, and 65.856 ° at 55 °C. The film deposited at 55 °C had a surface morphology with uniformly distributed spherical-shaped particles that formed agglomerations. The film's surface was smooth, providing a clearer look at the grain boundaries, suggesting a polycrystalline composition. The films deposited at temperatures of 35 °C, 40 °C, 45 °C, 50 °C, and 55 °C yielded energy band gaps of 2.98 eV, 2.90 eV, 2.69 eV, 2.68 eV, and 2.30 eV, respectively. The result showed that the films' energy band gap decreased as the deposition temperature increased. The varied energy bandgap of the films confirmed the effects of deposition temperature on the films.


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