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Investigation on the Effect of Imbalance and NonLinear Load on 11kV Pama Feeder

Daniel C Bamaiyi, Daniel H Isaac, Alhassan Shuaibu, Kure Nicodemus and Gyuk M Philibus
2022-05-18 1316 views 16 downloads


In this research the effect of imbalance and nonlinear load on power quality was investigated via the electronic method with the aid of a Fluke 435 power quality analyser and the results obtained compared with IEEE standards. The study was carried out on 11 kV Pama feeder Kaduna state, Nigeria, which is comprised of Nassarawa, Boro1, Pama 1, Pama 2, and Pama 4 substation. The analyzed result shows an average value of 230 and 1327 times voltage dips and swells, 11.74 % harmonics current, 2.33 % harmonic voltage, 5.96% imbalance voltage and 25% imbalance current respectively. When compared with the IEEE standard limits of 5 % and 2 % harmonic current and voltage, 10 % and 5 % imbalance current and voltage, it could be seen that these results imply the presence of harmonics within the system which are fundamentally due to imbalance and non-linear load, triggering operating complications on the distribution system. These complications include load disruptions, over current, over voltage, heating, leading to forceful outage, increased power losses, faster ageing of insulations, unstable power supply, burnt cables, sockets and connectors, thus reducing capacity and ultimately resulting in premature failure of transformer.


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