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Paleomagnetic Susceptibility Distribution and Geochemical Analysis from the Eastern Part of Kalambai

Adamu Abubakar, Faruk Usman and Musa M Zayyanu
2021-05-21 612 views 2 downloads


Magnetic measurements, mineralogical and geochemical studies were carried out on surface soil samples in order to delineate susceptibility distribution and to find possible relationships based on paleomagnetic implications in some part of Kalambaina Area of Sokoto Northwestern Nigeria. Geomorphologically, this area is generally gentle, with occasionally tabular, capped by resistance laterites. Elevation generally decreases towards the northwest around the Nigeria - Niger Republic boarder with an average elevation of about 215  above mean sea level. A total of 90 sample were measured at random with DSM-10 susceptibility Kappa metre as well 20 core drilling samples were collected for further XRF geochemical analysis. Mass specific susceptibility value ranges between 11.2 × 10^-6 SI and 1.4 − 8.2 × 10^-6 SI and magnetic remanence at 1 T values range between 10 × 10^-6 SI and 0.5 − 9.0 × 10^-6 SI as well as 0.5 − 7.4 × 10^-6 SI. Chemical analysis by Xray Fluorescence analysis revealed the presence concentration of various elements with their percentage composition (%) and the percentage composition of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) content between > 40% and < 70%, > 70% and < 80%, core drilling depth and overburden thickness of a limestone Layer and Overburden. Has also revealed low- and high-grade calcium carbonate CaCO3content.


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