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In-Phase/Quadrature Signatures of a Very LowFrequency Electromagnetic Survey for the Delineation of

Micah Adamu, Nasir K Abdullahi and Matoh D Dogara
2023-04-19 325 views 4 downloads


The VLF-EM geophysical technique was used to delineate the zones of cassiterite at Rafin Bareda, Dutsen-Wai, Kubau Local Government area of Kaduna State, Nigeria which is located at Latitudes 10°51'46''N and Longitudes18°12'50''E. The research covered eleven profiles taken uniformly in the West-East direction each of length 1000 m with a total of 1100 stations. Scentrix VLF equipment was used to obtain the VLF-EM data (In-phase and Quadrature in percentages) with a detected field of 19.1 kHz transmitter in Rosnay, France. The plots of inphase and Quadrature revealed various cross-overs (fractures/mineralized zones). However, the Fraser filter of the in-phase components was employed to reduce noise and enhance signal strength. Consequently, the Fraser-filtered of in-phase plots peaks around the crossover which confirmed the probable fractured/mineralized cassiterite zones. The Fraser filtered of the inphase components revealed the continuous and extending nature of probable mineralized cassiterite zones which are dominant on profiles G and H.


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