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Determination of Heavy Metals in Water Samples within the Southern Part of Kaduna State, Nigeria

Mathew Samaila, Kure Nicodemus, Daniel H Isaac and Gyuk P Musa
2023-05-22 256 views 3 downloads


This paper investigated the presence of heavy metals in water samples from three selected sites in the southern part of Kaduna State, Nigeria. Twelve (12) samples were analysed at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Kaduna using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). Levels of some heavy metals, Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cr, Cd, Pb, Ca, Mg, Na and K were determined in water samples collected from the research area. The results obtained show that, the recorded mean values of Zn, Cu, Mn, Cd and Mg were within the WHO/GDWQ guidelines; while Na and Ca recorded mean values below the World Health Organisation (WHO)/Guidelines for Drinking- Water Quality (GDWQ) minimum mean value, Ni, Fe, Cr and Pb were found to be considerably high in the water samples, which exceeded the WHO/GDWQ maximum mean value. Therefore, the result shows the presence of heavy elements in the sampled area. The low mean values of Ca and Na within the sampled area could lead to poor bone formation risk like rickets among the populace. While consumption of such vital elemental nutrients is recommended, it is however advised that the populace should avoid consumption of Ni, Fe, Cr and Pb in high content above the stipulated WHO/GDWQ guidelines.


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