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Automatic Power Sharing System for Generators

Abdulkarim Mayere
2022-09-01 426 views 1 downloads


In this paper, a proposal for the development of a neighbourhood network (n-network) automatic power sharing system that will bring about regulatory paradigm and mobilization of the private sector to lead in deployment of clean energy solutions while letting local residents to buy (consumer) and sell (producer) electricity among the neighbours is presented. Here the neighbourhoods become prosumers. Until now, electricity production and supply has traditionally been implemented via a centralized grid where the power generation companies otherwise known as Gencos generate electricity that is fed through the grid to individual homes. The proposed solution aims to create a peer-to-peer trading system where consumers will identify each other’s needs and willingness to buy and sell electricity. This offers the chance to bypass the traditional electricity grid and create a viable generation and storage micro grid that functions independently.


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