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Synthesis and Characterization of Semiconducting Iron Copper Sulphide Thin Films: A Review

Joseph O Emegha and Ezeamaka D Nwanze
2022-08-22 410 views 6 downloads


Iron copper sulphide (FeCuS) thin films have attracted much importance due to their exceptional properties for device applications. The chemical deposition techniques of chemical bath deposition (CBD) and Successive ionic layer absorption and reaction (SILAR) have been employed to synthesize FeCuS thin films with good substrates adhesion. The various advantages and shortcomings of these methods were discussed with their capability to control the morphology and opto-electrical properties of the films. The experimental measurements indicated that the films exhibit great potential for optoelectronic applications such as window materials in solar cell fabrications and coatings of different types. Due to the current interest in FeCuS thin films, this review is intended to provide current information on the synthesis, characterization, and applications of iron copper sulphide thin films.


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