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Geophysical Investigation of a Fault Zone from Aeromagnetic Data over the Ageva Area of Okene Kogi S

Ahmed A Lawal, Adamu Abubakar and Avazi O Victor
2021-07-07 705 views 4 downloads


High-resolution aeromagnetic data over a part of Ageva fault zone in Nigeria have been analyzed with a view to estimate sedimentary thicknesses within the studied area. The data set of this study area, was subjected to various corrections and interpretation techniques. Regionalresidual correction was done and the noise level of the data was reduced via upward continuation to a height of 250 m thereby enhancing the reliability of the results obtained. Qualitative interpretation techniques which include: Second Vertical Derivative, Analytic Signal, Tilt derivative were used to delineate the trending pattern of the anomalies in the study area which are in the E-W, NE-SW, NW-SE, and N-S directions. The result suggests that fault zone within Ageva and Owo may be mineralized and also that the faults within Ageva and Ibilo extend by a quarter of their exposed length. The Werner solutions revealed that inferred faults within Owo and Ibilo may have relatively low susceptibilities as compared with others in the study area and the range of the depth extent of linear features is 401.5 m – 982.5 m.


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