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Integrated Geoelectric and Hydrochemical Methods to Evaluate Groundwater Pollution in Azikoro, Yenag

Bunonyo T Yemanai, Ulori Oritsebemigho and Obhuo P Esther
2022-10-21 131 views 2 downloads


This paper presents an investigation on the contamination potential of ground water using integrated geoelectric and hydro chemical methods within Azikoro, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. The SAS 1000 ABEM Terameter was used to acquire the field data and IPI2win was used to obtain three geoelectric layers result for the 1D VES point; with depth of 0 m, 0.91m and 2.03m and thickness of 0.91m, 0.12m respectively with corresponding resistivity of 0.027 m and 0.00079 m, to show the subsurface lithology and water bearing level. RES2DINV was used to interpret the data for the 2D imaging, with results indicating contamination spread in profile 1 and 2 at depth of 6.94m and 9.94m respectively. Water samples from two boreholes, near and after the vicinity of the cemetery were analyzed for electrical conductivity (EC), pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), phosphorous, nitrates, chemical oxygen demand (COD), potassium, sodium, sulfate and chloride. From the result obtained conductivity is very high due to low resistivity. The water sample results were compared with World Health Organization (W.H.O) permissible limit standard which indicated that the water is safe for consumption within the period of investigation.


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