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A Study on the Effect of Eu3+ dopant on Physical and Photoluminescence Properties of Zinc Phospho-Su

Garba M Ephraim, Akut Anna, Markus Gloria, Thomas L Wancy and Daniel H Isaac
2022-08-08 199 views 3 downloads


In this paper, the effect of substituting europium (Eu3+) ion on physical and photoluminescence properties of zinc phosphor-sulfo-tellurite glasses is reported for the first time. The glass matrices with novel compositional range of 10ZnO–40TeO2–10SO3–(40-x)P2O5– xEu2O3 were synthesized by convectional melt-quenching route and characterized via density and photoluminescence (PL) measurements. The non-linearity properties of these glasses was ascertained and dependence of red emission performance under λex= 394 nm excitation wavelengths disclosed bright red emission at λem. = 612nm. The concentration quenching phenomenon was observed after a particular value of europium ions (beyond 2 mol %). Thus, 2 mol% of Eu3+ in the glass composition was identified as the optimized concentration for the design and development of solid state red laser and color display devices.


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