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Assessment of Radio-Frequency Radiation from Selected Mobile Base Stations within Kaduna Metropolis,

Daniel Elisha, Daniel H Isaac, Muhammad S Abubakar, Kure Nicodemus, Philibus M Gyuk and Peter Anthon
2022-09-30 147 views 4 downloads


In this paper, radio-frequency radiation levels from some selected Base Transceiver Stations of different network providers (MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and Globacom) within Kaduna metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria were measured using a portable hand-held spectrum analyzer model 2658A, within radial distance intervals of 20 m to 100 m from the foot of each Base Transceiver Station. The measured values range between 0.24 μWm-2 to 30.42 μWm-2 with an average value of between 0.298 μWm-2 to 14.578 μWm-2 respectively. The measured radiation levels were found to be less than the acceptable standard value of 4.5 Wm-2 recommended by International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection for Global System for Mobile communication with frequency 900 MHz. Results obtained show exposure to RF emissions from the sampled Base Transceiver Stations will not impose health risk to humans living within that area.


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